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Sara / Kate
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Not the Entertainment Tonight one, but another. Ripped off from rfrancis .

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Oh, goodness, I so do want one of these in my garden.
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I find myself rather fond of a particular eggcorn, to wit: "nip it in the butt." While hilariously mistaken, it brings up such a very clear picture of what the writer thinks they are intending to say, that I just can't condemn it much.
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This is 99.44% for my own reference, so I don't have to go searching back for things, but just in case it's of interest to others, I'll leave it accessible. Here's a list of the various knitted things I've posted pictures of, other than (or in addition to) in my own journal:

I learned to knit as a kid, did a few things and then dropped it; I picked it up again as an adult in 2001 (apparently I made only this comment at the time), learned a few more things, and then dropped it again when I had morning sickness with Amy and the repetitive motion made me ill. I picked it back up in 10/2004, at which point I knew how to cast on (in one method) and bind off (also one method), knit and purl, increase (kfb only) and decrease (k2tog or SKP only), cable *with* a cable needle, and that was about it. I'd never knit in the round in any method, never done lace (or even an on-purpose YO), never done a proper seam, but I did have an understanding of how gauge worked and what it was for, and how you could use a known gauge to obtain a knitted object of a desired width, and increases or decreases to change that width at a desired rate. Everything else I know, I've picked up since then.
The first wool soaker I did, my first project and a self-designed one
The second wool soaker I did, also self-designed, first project on circs and on DPNs, first picking up stitches and grafting. I am somewhat proud of this project, yes.
Multiple early projects, including my first sock
Strawberry hat I designed for Amy
First adult socks -- this post is somewhat out of order, since it was actually made for the purpose of showing the clear boots I'm wearing the socks inside; I cast on for these in early 11/2004, finished a week or two later.
Eensy Fair Isle purse
Skinned-muppet fingerless gloves -- I still use these, because they are toasty.
Acorn hat, apple hat, trim on a dress
Tulip hat
Knitted nametag
Bulky cardigan (totally fails to fit now that I've lost weight; I must get around to reclaiming that yarn)
Eensy cabled bag
Fingerless gloves
Flora scarf
Watermelon hat
Pineapple hat
Toddler shrug
Pomatomus socks, with reversed second sock
Acorn/sunflower hat

This makes me realize how many things I've knitted that I haven't ever posted pictures of -- mostly socks. I should round up all my socks and take a picture! And I have some lace that I have taken pictures of, but they're still on the camera.

Edit: Here come the 2007 projects!
Lace swatch from Nancy Bush workshop
Top-down fingerless mitts
Kiri shawl, finished in 2006 but posted in 2007
LLSS socks Adult and toddler socks, posted to show how differently the same yarn can behave; these were actually knit in early and late 2006, respectively.
Stuffed cat
Baby sweater prototype
Cabled hat, formerly my oldest UFO

2008 stuff:
Robby's cobra hat (not done) -- the multi-colored cabled band, in progress, posted for the sake of showing the technique
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My secretary called in late this morning because there was a baby opossum in her computer desk.

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The other day in the airport here in Houston, I saw a shirt that had "Don't mess with Texas" running up the sleeve. Okay, fine -- not something I'd pay money for personally, but not really that ridiculous. However, what initially caught my attention about the shirt were the large block letters on the front.

And maybe it's just that I've spent a long time working in the environmental arena, and we have a plethora of acronyms and a tendency to try to pronounce them as words (for instance, RCRA, for the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, is commonly pronounced "RICK-ra"), but ...

My first thought on seeing DMWT is not, "Don't mess with Texas," but, "'Dimwit'? Who would want that on a shirt?".
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I made a watermelon hat:

Knitter friends can check out details here.
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I just learned that gblake, who was a longtime online friend of mine (I think I first met him online in 1990, in person in 1992), passed away yesterday, from complications following surgery. We weren't all that close, but he was very close with other friends of mine, who are devastated. He was a kind and generous person, optimistic in the face of adversity, and just a really nice guy to know. His passing leaves an ache.

To his family, if they happen to read this, and to the rest of his friends, I'm so sorry.

To Greg, goodbye; you will be badly missed by many, many people.

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